This was an extremely good year for the festival and it hit the road again. Side on Cafe was no more and fortunately I had previously befriended Jay Katz and Miss Death from the Mu Mesons Archives in Sydney. I had met them on a visit to Adelaide when screening classic popular culture trash films from their collection. If you don’t know about the Mu Mesons Archives and your reading this, ‘Get Educated!’

They still screen the some of most amazing programs in Oz regularly. The Sydney show especially rocked as Stumpy came down from ‘Eat my Schlock’ and co- hosted the event. It was also the final year for his festival as he decided to call it a day.

Trasharama was now on it’s own in the big scary world.

Film Highlights:

Mondo Excreta- Little Clarke May,
Westvale Road- Episode 1 Holy Crap- Dylan Perry
Rampage of the Undead- Peter Spierig
Nicholas Dickmuncher- Timothy Spanos