Film submissions must be accompanied by the official entry form and entry fee. This year’s  Trasharama  programs and for  consideration for Monsterfest and the Trasharama  Australian ROADKILL ROADTRIP TOUR! DATES TBA. To save confusion,  Trasharama nowPREMIERES at the five day’s of horror Film Festival MONSTERFEST every November in Hellbourne. .. er Melbourne. Then we do our own ROADKILL ROADTRIP tour across OZ!

All entries are submitted ONLINE through Without a box , Film Festival life and Film Freeway.

Entry forms can be found here:  MONSTERFEST:

Entries must be submitted no later than  31st August 2015 (Monsterfest) OR Saturday 13th September for Trasharama Roadkill Roadtrip program . TBA at a later date.  (still in with a chance for Monsterfest screening too) The Trasharama program will premiere in Melbourne at this year’s prestigious Horror week at MONSTERFEST!

(mention on form that you are entering for Trasharama program but it will be considered for BOTH Trasharama and Monster shorts programs)

Multiple entries accepted providing each film has separate entry form. Only one film will be screened per Category Details

NOTIFICATION DATE : Approximately October 11, 2015

Category Details

RUNTIME: Shorts: From 2 minutes to 16 minutes

COMPLETION DATE: No requirement for completed by date

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Projects may originate from anywhere in the world

PREMIERE STATUS: No premiere requirement

DISTRIBUTION STATUS: Projects may have distribution entrant.

Entry form DETAILS on SUBMISSION sites found at

Category Rules

Upon submitting a film for consideration to the TRASHARAMA program to premiere at  MONSTER FEST (and Trasharama ROADKILL ROADTRIP TOUR 2016) the submitter acknowledges and agrees to the following:

1. The submitter holds relevant copyrights for the submitted film and agrees to screen the film at MONSTER FEST as part of TRASHARAMA should it be selected for the program.  Also in consideration for the AUSTRALIAN TRASHARAMA ROADKILL ROADTRIP tour 2016. Trasharama does not guarantee that every film entry will be screened. Movies are generally chosen through length of time and sick and twisted entertainment value.

2. The submitter understands that submitting a film does not guarantee entry into the festival program and that no refunds will be issued for submission fees for films not selected for the program. No correspondence will be entered into. Judges will be chosen from the appropriate Deviates, Criminally Insane, Psychopaths and Film Freakers decided by the organizers. (so no tantrums, death threats or horse heads in my bed. Thank you)

3. The submitter agrees that if the film is selected for the TRASHARAMA  program they will be able to provide a screening copy on DCP or Blu-Ray (depending on venue) and arrange for KDMs (if required) and shipping of materials to Australia by the agreed festival materials deadline.

*To save the submitter postage fees and to save the planet in general TRASHARAMA  strongly prefers submissions to be sent electronically utilising the online screener service provided by WAB. We’ll be able to screen and assess your film much faster too!

All films to be under 15mins but the SHORTER THE BETTER.

Submit: Via Online:

Further info, questions, naked photos and cooking ideas email: