Trasharama only screens B grade schlock, horror, video nasties, sick and twisted animations, faux trailers and adverts, demented music clips, science Fiction, bad taste disasterpieces and other low brow cinematic GOLD! Don’t let the name fool you. Trasharama will screen (and does) anything from slick and twisted HD and 16mm film to VHS and smart phonetrosies! ANY FORMAT and we don’t care whether you finished it 15 minutes ago or 15 years ago.

We are ALWAYS stalking movies but you can find this current season’s guidelines by going into the links below.

MONSTERFEST PREMIERE: The Trasharama premiere! The shorts submitted through the Monsterfest link will be considered to play at the prestigious MONSTERFEST in Hellbourne, (Melbourne) Australia. (usually around November annually)
ALL the shorts considered through the Monsterfest program are shared between ‘Monster shorts’ (Festival Program) and the ‘Trasharama’. Trasharama then tours the ‘Roadkill roadtrip’ around Australia.

Successful film makers at this event will be up for great awards provided by Monster Pictures and the THE GOLDEN LOMAX award (provided by Trasharama) for the most sick and twisted movie of the fest! Named after Human Centipede 2 icon, Martin Lomax and that trashy TV award, the Logie. It’s WIN! WIN! WIN!

NEW: TRASHARAMA TIGHT ARSETEURS: Trasharama has created a new category and AWARD especially for CHEAP ARSED sick and twisted Australian film makers who are too broke to do anything. Or maybe this is your FIRST FILM! Can be shot on ANYTHING!! WIN!! The GOLDEN COLOSTOMY BAG AWARD!

Looking forward to see what the cat drags in!! To tell you the truth we are very slack at updating this site so keep up to date through FACEBOOK, TWITTER and the MONSTERFEST site!! Then you won’t miss the SCREAMINGS, I mean screenings near you!!

Stay sick!!
Trasharama Film FESTERval!


Trasharama and Monster shorts at MONSTERFEST: http://monsterfest.com.au/

Trasharama Tight Arseteurs: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Trasharamatightarseteurs


Checkout the Trasharama Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/trasharamafilms

For more info, send naked pictures, cooking ideas, hate mail to: drzombie@trasharama.com

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