The Tour gets bigger !! Introduced our hostess with the mostess, Trasharella. Shows in most capitals, Adel, Bris, Syd, Melb, Perth, and also Caloundra, Geelong and Newcastle. Website gets better. Everything getting bigger (except our wallets, they seem to get emptier). Was a very trashy tour, check out the photo page. Tried to sample as many potato scollops (fritters) as I could while on tour.

The plan was to have “Dick’s Potato Scollop Blog”, rating the best and worst scollops from around Australia. Think I had the best in Melbourne and the worst at train stop in the Gold Coast. (or was that a shoe cobblers?)
Luckily for everyone I lost my scollop log book and decided to give it up. Any requests of what I should cover this year? I was thinking of taking photos of me pissing on giant tourist monuments, bananas, pineapples, prawns, cows etc.

Tour pix: click here

Film Highlights: click here