The History of Trasharama A-go-go according to Dick Dale

On the 9th July 1994 I held a screening at the infamous Crown and Anchor Hotel for an ultra low budget, forty minute punk zombie movie I had produced called ‘Blue Dog’. The film was screened on a data projector I had hired, followed by the bands, ‘Blood Sucking Freaks’ and ‘Taxed. The night was a complete success full of ‘beer swilling’ freaks and nothing was ‘taxed’ except our minds.

A few years later this was an element in the inspiration for holding another film night as a way to showcase my films and screen other like minded film makers work. I had entered a competition in early 1997, the Graveyard ‘Shifty’ Films competition on Foxtel. I managed to score second prize ($1000) in the nation wide competition.

I didn’t even think they’d screen my more than dodgy effort.(but lucky that was the idea of the show I think.) I imagine they thought it was Z-grade on purpose, unfortunately it was just lack of money and skilled people on set. (Me and my unemployed mates!) I enjoyed the Graveyard Shift and discovered that there was a country of freaks out there who shared my love of Video Nasties.

Oh, I spent the prize money on down payment on a camera and a keg party for the cast an crew. Can’t remember if the police came but there was a bloke who looked like Sting there.

Being a regular at the local independent theatre, the ‘Mercury ‘, I had knowledge of a few local films I could screen. I told a friend in Qld of my idea and he explained that Andrew ‘Stumpy’ Leovold of Trash Video had recently held a screening similar to this. It was the ‘Eat my Schlock’ Trash Night. I knew Andrew from hanging out at Punk Rock gigs and got on the blower. He was happy to help me out. I got some extra film contacts through him which enhanced my festivals variety. He also traded films with me for a few years, which helped both our festivals expand.

Andrew is still involved in Trasharama and also performs his own entertaining Trash Seminars across the country and screens his demented feature film, ‘Lesbo A gogo’ . (See our Trash Video link)

The Film Fest in 1997 consisted of eleven films from Adelaide and Brissy followed by the bands, ‘Blood Sucking Freaks’ and the ‘Ghouls’.It was held at the infamous ‘Mad Love Bar’ band venue. For this show I hired a data projector and a bunch of chairs. Full house!

Film Highllights: Total Recession- Durand Greig, No Smoking- Warren Mc Carthy & Julian Summers, Cold Comfort- Kristian Moliere